Key research themes ledby academic partners across the UK

The Institute’s key research themes are
led by ten academic partners spread
across the UK.

Icon Human Capital

Human capital

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Knowledge Capital icon

Knowledge capital

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Organisational capital

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Institutions & governance

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Macroeconomic trends & policy

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Measurement & methods

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Graphic of the UK

Geography & place

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Social, environmental & technological transitions

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Productivity studies

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Recent Publications

B. van Ark, A. J. Venables, (2020)

A concerted effort to tackle the productivity puzzle during the post-COVID era

D. Coyle , K. Dreesbeimdieck , A. Manley (2021)

How is productivity in UK healthcare really performing?

A. Adams-Prassl, J. Adams-Prassl, D. Coyle, (2021)

Uber and Beyond: Policy Implications for the UK