The Productivity Institute

We’re a UK-wide research organisation exploring what productivity means for business, for workers and for communities – how it is measured and how it truly contributes to increased living standards and well-being.


World-class research from across the UK covering eight themes and drawing on expertise from social sciences, engineering, physics, political science, business management, innovation research and data science.


Our Productivity Commission is an independent academic advisory group directed at finding policy solutions to the productivity puzzle.


Our Regional Productivity Forums will help scope the institute’s research, ensure that we consider the local contexts and enable the sharing of insights.  The eight Productivity Forums cover the English regions, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

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N. Driffield, X. Yuan, F. Gutierrez Barragan (2022)

The UK’s Foreign Investment Position Post Brexit And Covid: Briefing 1

V. Ajayi, M. G. Pollitt (2022)

Green growth and net zero policy in the UK: some conceptual and measurement issues

V. Ajayi, M.G. Pollitt (2022)

Changing times: Incentive regulation, corporate reorganisations, and productivity in Great Britain’s gas networks

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Our Research

Icon Human Capital

Human capital

Explores which skills and abilities are important for productivity and wellbeing, and how these can best be developed and deployed in a rapidly changing digital economy.

Knowledge Capital icon

Knowledge capital

Understanding and measuring the impact knowledge capital and other types of intangible capital created by the public and private sectors on productivity, particularly in high technology and high value-added areas.

Organisational capital

As the UK seeks to develop a more activist industrial strategy, key questions arise on barriers to entry, obstacles to innovation in SMEs, and the resilience of supply chains.

Institutions & Governance

Explores how the UK can boost productivity by changing overcentralised, top-down, short-term and siloed decision making and fostering an effective joined-up government.

Macroeconomic trends & policy

Explores how productivity issues are reflected by economy-wide failures, from private finance to public investment, and how the Treasure can adapt the fiscal regime and its accounting frameworks

Measurement & methods

Looks at how new techniques and novel data sources can help to gain deep understanding of regional, national and firm-level productivity drivers and help tackle tricky measurement issues.

Graphic of the UK

Geography & Place

Investigating the causes of disparity of productivity levels within UK regions and the effectiveness of local economic development, education and social strategies.

Social, environmental &
technological transitions

Digital transformation and green growth offer both opportunities and risks for productivity and will need transformative changes in business models, skills needs, infrastructure, regulatory policies and markets.

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