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The Institute’s key research themes
are led by ten academic partners
spread across the UK.

Businesses are crucial to solving
the UK’s productivity problems.

We’re a UK-wide research
organisation exploring what
productivity means for business

Businesses are crucial to solving
the UK’s productivity problems.

Businesses are crucial to
solving the UK’s productivity


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Working with Practitioners

From the outset The Productivity Institute has worked closely with business leaders to understand what their productivity issues are and identify where further research or testing of interventions is needed. Our Regional Productivity Forums sit at the heart of this practitioner engagement strategy, in addition to a select number of strong partnerships at a national level.


Strategic Productivity for the Leadership Team – Firms need to be actively talking about productivity, identifying the key indicators that create productivity in their business, and then aligning their productivity strategy across all boardroom functions. Senior business leaders need to work within and across boardroom functions to address productivity as a critical component of the firm’s growth strategy.

Watch video highlights from our 2022 Business Conference 

Of chickens and eggs: Exporting, innovation novelty and productivity

Is there a link between Small Business Leadership and Productivity?

Regional Forums

The forums are involved in the implementation of research insights, the design of practical business and policy interventions, and in providing input to the development of the Institute’s future research agenda.

Members include stakeholders from policy, community and business leaders from local, national and multinational enterprises. Each Productivity Forum is chaired by a regional business leader and supported by a Forum Lead from each of the partner universities.

The eight Forums are based in:

Be The Business Logo

Be The Business partnership

In March 2022, TPI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Be The Business, the not-for-profit focused on helping UK SMEs improve their productivity, reflecting their commitment to collaborate to better understand and improve the productivity of UK businesses. The MoU will provide a framework to enable the two organisations to build on their existing relationship and co-deliver a series of projects generating new research and insights into UK SME productivity.