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Responsible and Trustworthy AI: Economic Landscape Analysis

How can Responsible AI drive productivity and economic prosperity, and conversely how can productivity and economic considerations be considered in developing Responsible AI? These are the core questions that the interdisciplinary project team, led by Prof Diane Coyle, are researching to better understand how responsible AI can drive productivity and economic growth and ensure the technologies are deployed responsibly across society and enhance the UK’s prosperity.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, The Productivity Institute (TPI) and the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE) will draw on the existing work in the RAI UK network and the research, business and policy network of TPI, and the economists, statisticians and data scientists involved in ESCoE to expand this interdisciplinary frontier and connect the Responsible AI and productivity ecosystems.

They will seek to analyse economic incentives and organisational or business models, appropriate regulatory frameworks and trade-offs, and opportunities and challenges for the technology itself. They will also explore potential mechanisms to monitor and enforce governance and incentive structures, aiming to understand where the benefits and costs of these technologies lie. Their analysis will contribute to prioritising research themes in Responsible AI as a preliminary step before allocating further resources and efforts to address these critical questions.

The project is funded by the RAI UK and UKRI.

Project lead: Diane Coyle (Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge)

Collaborators: Adrian Weller, Ramit Debnath, Sara Abdelaziz , Lucy Hampton (all University of Cambridge); Bart van Ark, and Joel Hoskins, Shobha Gowda (The Productivity Institute, The University of Manchester); Rebecca Riley and John Lourenze Poquiz (all Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence, King’s College London).