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Knowledge Capital

Knowledge Capital

The institutional structure of research in the UK seems not to provide the coordination necessary for success, particularly in high technology and high value-added areas. There is a need to better understand and measure the impact knowledge capital and other types of intangible capital created by the public and private sectors on productivity.

Theme lead

Professor Diane Coyle


Professor Chander Velu
Professor Vasco Carvalho Professor of Macroeconomics, Director of Cambridge-INET, University of Cambridge
Professor Richard Jones


Dr David Jordan
Dr Matthew Agarwala
Matt Burke
Dr Patrycja Klusak
Dr Kamiar Mohaddes
Professor Ulrich Volz
Dmitri Zenghelis
Victor Ajayi
Professor Michael Pollitt
Professor Jonathan Haskel
Dr Peter Goodridge
Adam Muhtar
Dr Jen-Chung Mei
Geoffroy Dolphin
Karim Anaya
Kaya Dreesbeimdieck
Annabel Manley

Theme Paper

The idea of productivity