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Comparative analysis of green recovery packages in the UK, Germany and France

To mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world are developing and implementing large recovery packages. Many scholars and policy organisations call upon governments to use substantial parts of the recovery packages to accelerate low-carbon transitions and simultaneously generate jobs and boost productivity.
This research project investigates and compares the green recovery plans and packages in the UK, Germany and France focusing on three research main questions:

  • Investments what is the absolute and relative size of green recovery plans compared to the total recovery plans? Within the green recovery plans, how much money is invested in different sectors and technologies?
  • Productivity what are the anticipated effects of these green investments on productivity, jobs, and low-carbon transitions?
  • Implementation What are the more specific policies, instruments and projects through which the green recovery packages will be implemented? Who was involved their design and who is likely to benefit (e.g. new entrants compared to incumbents)?

Lead Researcher Frank Geels (The University of Manchester)

Collaborators Jonatan Pinkse, Guillermo Pereira (The University of Manchester)

The University of Manchester