Organisational capital

Organisational capital

Stagnant long-term productivity growth in UK firms has been linked to low levels of investment, failures in technology diffusion, shorttermism, and a general decline in business dynamism. As the UK seeks to develop a more activist industrial strategy, key questions arise on barriers to entry, obstacles to innovation in SMEs, and the resilience of supply chains.

Theme lead

Professor Nigel Driffield


Professor Stephen Roper
Dr Irina Surdu
Professor Christopher Warhurst
Professor Elvira Uyarra
Professor Mark Hart Professor, Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Aston Business School, Aston University

Theme Paper

Understanding Productivity: Organisational Capital perspectives

Recent Publications

N. Driffield, X. Yuan, F. Gutierrez Barragan (2022)

The UK’s Foreign Investment Position Post Brexit And Covid: Briefing 1

N.Driffield, K. Lavoratori, Y. Temouri (2021)

Inward investment and UK productivity

N. Driffield, J. Du, J. Godsell, M. Hart, K. Lavoratori, S. Roper, I. Surdu, W. Zhang (2021)

Understanding productivity: Organisational Capital perspectives