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The Productivity Agenda

The Productivity Agenda is a blueprint for boosting the UK’s productivity. With 10 chapters written by experts on productivity, it highlights key areas of policy for leaders to focus on so the public, private and civic sectors can be better equipped to translate productivity gains into improved living standards and well-being across the UK:

  • The UK’s productivity challenge: people, firms, and places
  • Investing for the long-run
  • The changing landscape of firm-level productivity – anatomy and policy implications
  • Productivity, Innovation and R&D
  • Why digitalisation isn’t improving productivity growth
  • Skills for productivity growth
  • The green transition: Net Zero as an opportunity to improve productivity
  • Public Sector Productivity – managing the Baumol cost disease
  • Regional productivity, potential causes, and institutional challenges
  • A new UK policy institution for growth and productivity – a blueprint

An interactive version with hyperlinks to references is also available.

Editors: Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge), Bart van Ark (The University of Manchester) Jim Pendrill (The University of Manchester)

Authors: Bart van Ark (The University of Manchester), Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge), Mary O’Mahony (King’s College London), Jagjit Chadha (NIESR), Tony Venables (The University of Manchester), Stephen Roper (University of Warwick), Philip McCann (The University of Manchester), Jonatan Pinkse (The University of Manchester), Damian Grimshaw (King’s College London), Richard A.L. Jones (The University of Manchester), Andy Westwood (The University of Manchester), Michael Kenny (University of Cambridge), Anna Valero (LSE), Raquel Ortega-Argilés (The University of Manchester).


  • Productivity Studies




D. Coyle, B. van Ark, J. Pendrill (2023) The Productivity Agenda. Report No. 001. The Productivity Institute