Institutions & governance

Institutions & governance

UK productivity suffers from overcentralised decision making, topdownism, short-termism, silos, and the absence of effective joined-up government. The geographical concentration of power may stifle local initiative and innovation. A common research theme is the need to better recognise the interactions between those taking the decisions and those affected by them.

Theme leads

Professor Andy Westwood and Professor Adrian Pabst


Professor David Richards
Professor Mike Kenny Chair of Public Policy, University of Cambridge University
Dr Claudine Bowyer-Crane Associate Research Director for Employment and Social Policy, National Institute of Social and Economic Research

Theme Paper

The Politics of Productivity: institutions, governance and policy

Recent Publications

A. Pabst, A. Westwood (2021)

The Politics of Productivity: institutions, governance and policy

A. Westwood, M. Sensier, N.Pike (2021)

Levelling Up, Local Growth and Productivity in England

B. van Ark, A. J. Venables, (2020)

A concerted effort to tackle the productivity puzzle during the post-COVID era