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Wrapping up Productivity Puzzles 2023: brief interviews with productivity experts

The final episode of Productivity Puzzles Season 2 examines whether 2023 has brought us closer to putting the productivity puzzle together. What are some of the most important insights from this season of the podcast? And what can we learn from The Productivity Institute’s Productivity Agenda? The conversation covers the challenges in institutional decision-making, the diffusion of technology and skills, and diversity in firm performance, investment and the adoption of good practices, as well as possible pro-productivity policies for the future.

Host Professor Bart van Ark is joined by:

  • Diane Coyle – Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge.
  • Adrian Pabst – Deputy Director at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.
  • Mary O’Mahony – Professor of Economics at King’s College Business School in London.
  • Stephen Roper – Professor of Enterprise at Warwick Business School and Director of the Enterprise Research Centre.

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