Geography & place

Geography & place

The low productivity levels of some regions or areas of the UK, and the consequent disparities in income and broader wellbeing, are widely documented. There are lessons to be learned concerning the effectiveness of local economic development strategies, infrastructure investment, land use and housing policy, educational and social interventions, and their interactions.

Theme lead

Professor Philip McCann


Professor Anthony Venables
Professor Anthony Rafferty 
Ms Ana Rincon Aznar Principal Economist, National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Recent Publications

P. McCann (2021)

The fiscal implication of levelling up and UK governance devolution

M. Sensier, E. Uyarra (2021)

Investigating the Governance Mechanisms that Sustain Regional Economic Resilience and Inclusive Growth
Patricia G. Rice, Anthony J. Venables

The persistent consequences of adverse shocks: how the 1970s shaped UK regional inequality