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Productivity and well-being

How can productivity benefit not just business and the economy, but also ourselves? What does it take for a society to grow productivity and raise well-being? Can digital technology make us happier, as well as more productive?

In this episode, we look at which investments are needed to create more well-being and what role social factors, such as trust, play in raising productivity and well-being. The discussion is varied, with conversations about how we measure well-being effectively and what further data is needed to make informed choices, as well as a debate on whether digital technology has a positive impact on our lives and on our productivity as a whole.

Our guests:

  • Conal Smith, Senior Economist at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington
  • Tim Hazledine, Professor of Economics at the University of Auckland Business School (retired)
  • Diane Coyle, Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge

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