TPI welcomes Malaysia Productivity Commission

The Productivity Institute was pleased to welcome the Malaysia Productivity Forum to our headquarters in Manchester in June.

The discussions focused on our Regional Productivity Forum network, education and human capital.

TPI was represented by Professor Bart van Ark, Managing Director; Nicola Pike, Engagement and Impact Director; John Holden, from the North West Productivity Forum; Raquel Ortega-Argiles, Data Lab director, and James Wilson, Communications and Engagement.

Bart also spoke at the MPC’s online Productivity Conference on 21 June. The Conference had the theme Rising above the pandemic – solidifying productivity and competitiveness.

Bart said it was difficult to predict how global productivity would fare in the coming months because of different factors.

“There is Covid recovery effects, there’s the digital transformation effect but there is also pain coming from the supply chain and labour shortages as well as geopolitical uncertainty,” he said. “So that makes it difficult at the moment to see exactly where we’re heading. The glass can be half full or half empty.”

Bart also discussed the differences between the UK and Malaysia in their response to the pandemic. The full recording of his session can be found on YouTube (from 1 hour 6):