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The Productivity Institute 2020-21 in review

Cover of the 2021-22 Annual ReviewOn September 1st 2020, The Productivity Institute opened its virtual doors, getting a five-year initiative underway to advance the understanding of UK productivity performance, including the causes of the productivity slowdown over the past 15 years and the potential effects of policy and business interventions to restore productivity growth.

Re-visit our first year as an Institute in our 18-page annual review, which includes:

  • Forwards from Dame Kate Barker (Chair of TPI’s Governing Council) and Professor Nick Crafts (Chair of TPI’s Steering and Impact Committee)
  • Reports from Professor Bart van Ark (TPI Managing Director) and Professor Tony Venables (TPI Research Director)
  • An overview of our purpose, objectives, outcomes and impact
  • Highlights of our activity, including our Productivity Puzzles podcast series, conferences and linking up with the International Productivity Monitor journal
  • An overview of our research programme, including Covid-19 research and eight research themes
  • Our Business and Policy engagement, including the creation of our eight Regional Productivity Forums and the Productivity Commission
  • An overview of our structure and governance and wider team

Download and read our Annual Review

The Productivity Institute is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.