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Structural Change & Productivity Conference

Newnham College, Cambridge, CB3 9DF

This conference is sponsored by The Janeway Institute and The Productivity Institute.

Registration: Click here for the link

Enquiries: Marion Reusch at

Deadline for registration: 15th April 2024 (due to space constraints, participation will be confirmed asap.)

Speakers and Titles:

Julieta Caunedo (Cornell University)
“Capital Embodied Structural Change” (joint with Elisa Keller)

Radek Stefanski (University of St. Andrews)
“What’s in a Wedge? Misallocation and Taxation in the Oil Industry” (joint with Lassi Ahlvik, Torfinn Harding, Jorgen Joel Anderson, and Alex Trew)

Paul Gaggl (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
“Capital Composition and the Declining Labour Share” (joint with Maya Eden)

Yongseok Shin (Washington University in St. Louis)
“Is Software Eating the World?” (joint with Sangmin Aum)

Christian vom Lehn (Brigham Young University)
“Structural Change in Production Networks and Economic Growth” (joint with Paul Gaggl and Aspen Gorry)

Omar Rachedi (ESADE)
“Opening the Black Box: Aggregate Implications of Public Investment Composition” (joint with Henrique Basso and Myroslav Pidkuyko)


  • 29 April 2024


  • All Day