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Bennett Institute webinar – Rethinking how we regulate Big Tech

TPI member Diane Coyle is part of the panel for this event, hosted by the Bennett Institute for Public Policy.

Hear new perspectives on regulating big tech from experts in economics, political philosophy, and law – and a tech industry insider.

Big tech companies seem to have been implicated in every social and political disruption of recent years, from the rise of the anti-vaxxer movement to the storming of the Capitol.

Influenced by the theory of “surveillance capitalism”, policymakers have sought to curb tech companies’ power with stricter laws on data privacy, and robust enforcement of competition regulations.

But when we think about the influence of Facebook and Google, are advertising-based business models and market power over competitors really the things that should most concern us?


  • 19 May 2021


  • 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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