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Annual Research Conference 2022

This conference is of interest to researchers, policy makers and thought leaders in the fields of productivity, economic policy, innovation and management. It will be held in-person at Alliance Manchester Business School and available to watch via webinar. Attendance options are available during registration.

Digital Transformation, technology diffusion and Net Zero transition: what does it mean for productivity?

The conference will feature two keynotes and discussions on six papers.

10.30-11.30: Research Keynote

Innovation for productivity and Net Zero: informing a sustainable growth strategy.

  • Anna Valero Senior Policy Fellow, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE and Deputy Director, Programme on Innovation and Diffusion (POID)

11.30-13.00: Paper discussions

Digital transformation, innovation and productivity

  • Flavio Calvino, Cody Morris, Lea Samek and Mariagrazia Squicciarini (OECD), Identifying and characterising AI adopters – A novel microdata-based approach.
  • Silvia Massini, Mabel Sanchez Barrioluengo and Xiaoxiao Yu (Alliance Manchester Business School), Adoption of digital technologies and skills in the North West.
  • Stephen Roper and Halima Jibril (ERC & Warwick Business School), Innovation, exporting and productivity: The role of innovation novelty.

14.00-15.30: Paper discussions
Net zero transition, digital and productivity

  • Matthew Agarwala (Bennett Policy Institute, Cambridge), Josh Martin (Bank of England/ESCoE) and Cliodhna Taylor (ONS), Environmentally-adjusted productivity estimates for the UK.
  •  Effie Kesidou (Leeds University Business School), Stephen Roper (ERC & Warwick Business School) and Anastasia Ri (ERC & Aston Business School), Twin transition – myth or reality? Evidence from UK SMEs.
  •  Jonatan Pinkse (Alliance Manchester Business School), René Bohnsack (Catolica Lisbon), Marcela Leme (Catolica Lisbon) and Christina Bidmon (Utrecht University), Unravelling digital sustainability: The role of digital technology in the transition to net-zero.

15.30-16.30: Policy Keynote

The Twin Transitions and Productivity: A Policy Agenda.

  • Dirk Pilat, Deputy Director, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation

This is followed by an Original Thinking Lecture on Why some places are more prosperous from Tony Venables, Professor of Economics, AMBS and Research Director, The Productivity Institute

Why are regional disparities so persistent? Why do adjustment mechanisms fail, and what should policy do (and not do)? The talk will review answers to these questions and offer insights based on a new measure of the structure of the UK’s local economies.


  • 22 June 2022


  • 10:30 am - 5:00 pm