Social, environmental & technological transitions

Social, environmental & technological transitions

Coming decades will see major transitions as the UK adopts new technologies and responds to climate change. There are both opportunities and risks for productivity, jobs and the distribution of the gains emerging from digital transformation and green growth. These transitions will require transformative changes in business models, skills needs, infrastructure, regulatory policies and markets.

Theme lead

Professor Frank Geels


Professor Bart van Ark
Professor Jonatan Pinkse Professor of Strategy, Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
Professor Bridgette Wessels Professor in the Sociology of Inequalities, University of Glasgow

Recent Publications

F.W. Geels, J. Pinkse, D. Zenghelis (2021)

Productivity opportunities and risks in a transformative, low-carbon and digital age

B. van Ark, K. de Vries, A. Erumban

Productivity and the Pandemic: Short-Term Disruptions and Long-Term Implications

B. van Ark, K. de Vries, A. Erumban

How not to miss a productivity revival once again